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Six advantages
Clear brand positioning
Clear brand positioning and high market credibility. As an independent third-party testing service organization, PRT Norte’s market credibility is the key to the survival and development of an enterprise
Focus on brand image
Brand development and promotion of planning Brands are the lifeblood of the company, and PRT Nuot has always put the maintenance of the brand image as the top priority
International business planning
Under the premise of serving the current market well, PRT will continue to expand its service targets and actively expand its business through existing corporate customers, actively seek new cooperative customers in domestic and overseas markets, expand the scope of cooperation, and promote the steady growth of business volume
Easy to detect
PRT engineers have repeatedly coached major small and medium-sized companies to obtain various product certification, testing, and evaluation experience. PRT Norte provides comprehensive on-site sampling or mailing services, and customers can provide you with full service without going out.
Collaborative and enterprising
Collaboration and progress are the core of PRT Norte’s corporate culture. It is PRT Norte’s work goal to allow customers’ products to enter the international market in a shorter time, less cost, and stronger competitiveness.
Comprehensive professional
Our entrepreneurial spirit: to build an international testing and certification industry brand with more timely, more comprehensive, more professional and more ethical services
PRT International Testing was founded in Boston, USA, and is an international professional independent third-party testing agency
PRT International Testing Agency

We’re re-defining the industry with our Precision Promise value proposition – going beyond physical quality control through our Testing and Certification services to offering Promising Total Accuracy. We sum this up in our new strapline, our brand USP, ‘Precision. Promised.’ Brand is the lifeblood of the company, PRT maintain the brand image as its top priority. The company has planned through the construction and accumulation of the enterprise culture, to form a Promising Precision as the core values of long-term develop, as the basic norms which guides employee behavior, to promote the company to keep its promises, pursue excellent test data and make independent judgement and set up a brand image.

As an independent third-party testing company, market credibility is crucial to the survival and development of the company. Based on the technology research and development, also on the basis of high quality and high-efficient services, the company will enhance brand value and strengthen market credibility, take theses as our strategic direction. In the process of development, PRT strictly uphold keep the operation honest and make independent judgement as its basic principle. Our market credibility has been accepted by more and more foreign customers.

PRT will follow the direction of high-quality, high value-added. We will closely follow the international trend of the latest laws and regulations, keep abreast with the new progress of technical barriers to international trade, pay close attention to the safety, environmental protection and quality information of global consumer products and industrial products, keep track of product quality, health, safety, environmental protection, energy saving trends, continue to develop testing service items to meet market demand, try to provide one-stop testing technical service , create the company’s comparative advantage and core competencies.

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