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    The main export markets of furniture Chinese is a developed country American and Japan, EU etc.. In these countries, more and more consumers pay attention to resource, environment and other issues. The survey found, 67% Dutch, 77% of Americans, 80% of Germans want to buy less pollution to the environment of greenproducts, and are willing to with the price of 10%. Furniture and living environment is very close, is reflected in: (1) the large number of furniture, furniture occupies the halfof the bedroom area part of the family; (2) the majority of furniture contain chemicals,such as: sterilization agent for processing wood, artificial board adhesive, metal sheetsurface coating of various additives or heavy metal finishing layer and in plastic components etc..

    In early 1994, the Nordic promulgated the first green furniture standards "wooden furniture and furniture setting eco logo", the standard of furniture raw materials such as: wood, artificial board, plastic, metal, glass, chemical compositions, coatings andadhesives in packaging materials content made strict rules, and to prohibit the use oflead, chromium and other heavy metals material. Although the standard is a nonmandatory standards, but has a strong influence on consumer purchase behavior,environmental problems which prompted the furniture retailers, traders broughtattention to the furniture.

  The European Union recently announced the ban in furniture manufacturing,furniture, textiles and leather in the use of harmful substances list, for example:benzidine dyes carcinogenic chromium, lead and heavy metal lead VI dermatitis, etc..Although the United States has not yet announced similar mandatory, but the United States has always been the problems of environmental protection and safety is concerned, taking into account the 1999 between China and the United States on theceramic export disputes and then reached an agreement, there is reason to believe that the United States will soon be introduced similar regulations.

  The PRT laboratory is the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation Organization multilateral recognition agreement (International LaboratoryAccreditation Cooperation Mutual Recognition Arrangement) (ILAC, 2000) signed byauthorized institutions accredited laboratory, talents with international advancedfurniture testing equipment and chemical and physical professional, relying on itsstrong technical strength and equipment conditions, to provide comprehensive andaccurate furniture testing services and integrated solutions for customers.

General furniture classification:

Panel furniture, wood-based panel, paint, glue, hardware etc.

Soft furniture - plate, metal, cloth, leather etc.

Solid wood furniture, wood, metal, paint, glue, etc.

Common chemical test items of furniture:

- formaldehyde content testing of Formaldhyde content

And pentachlorophenol content test PCP content

And the content of heavy metals (Pb, Cr etc.) test of Heavy metal content/Lead

And bactericide content test Pesticides residues

- azo content test Azo Dye

And wood moisture content test

And the lead content of paint test

Metal parts corrosion test

Harmful substance, furniture:

Formaldehyde - artificial board, glue, paint generally contain formaldehyde

Pentachlorophenol (PCP) - textiles, leather, wood (wood) used as antiseptic treatment

Fumaric acid methyl ester (DMF two) - textiles, leather, wood (wood) used asantiseptic treatment

Azo - textile, leather coloring agent

Arsenic - wood antiseptic treatment

Lead - paint used in

The use of six chromium - hardware, paint, plastics

Nickel (release) - hardware (contact with the human body)

Common physics test items of furniture:

One: storage furniture strength and stability test:

- shelf level surface strength and deformation test

And the clothes hanging Bannister strength and deformation test

And sliding door wear degree / fatigue / switch test

And hanging plate strength / fatigue / switch test

- drawer strength / displacement / fatigue test

And hanging wall cabinets and Diaogui strength test

- dumping test (no load)

And axial strength / loss degree / fatigue / switch test

Two: the station and hand pushing furniture strength and stability test:

Horizontal fatigue test (cantilever beam or upright cabinet)

And the vertical static weight test

And vertical impact test

And vertical fatigue test (cantilever beam or upright cabinet)

And vertical stability test

- drop test

Horizontal impact test

And drape weight test level static weight test

Three: the test of strength and stability of the sofa chair:

And the surface of a sofa / back / handrail static weight test

And the surface of a sofa / back fatigue test

And the chair foot forward / lateral static weight test

And a chair surface / back / arm impact test

- drop test

And forward / side dump test (no handrail)

And backward dumping test lateral collapse test (ARM)

Four: the chair and stool strength and stability test:

1. face / back static weight test

2. chair armrest ring lateral static weight test

3. armrest downward static weight test

4. chairs face / back fatigue test

5. chair legs forward / lateral static weight test

6. diagonal strength test

7. chairs face / back / arm impact test

8. drop test

9. swivel chair rotation durability test

10. seat height adjustment test

11. forward / side dump test (no handrail)

After 12 to dump

13. side dumping test (ARM)

14. stool dumping test