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  The main limitation of instruction in packaging materials shall not contain heavy metalsand harmful substances, recycling and clear packaging material waste and reuse targets. The command is issued in the official journal in December 31, 1994, and in June 30, 1996 to the countries of the European Union law formally February 11, 2004,Packaging Waste Directive 94/62/EC is revised, the new means that 2004/12/EC, the main contents are as follows:

  A) of heavy metal content of harmful substances: lead, cadmium, mercury limit, six chromium total amount of not more than 0.01% (W%)

  B) requires all Member States in 2008 before 31 December, achieve regeneration yieldminimum 60%, recycling rate of 55% to 80%, the minimum rate of recycling the materialis shown in table 1-6.

  C) before 2010 completely disable the heavy metal packaging material.

  91/338/EEC cadmium directive

  The directive is the EU in 1991 about the restriction of the use of cadmium in pigments,dyes, stabilizer and plating in instruction. Coatings on plastic products and liquid in theprovisions of instructions (whether it is water, or oil paints) content in cadmium shall not exceed 0.01% (100ppm), cadmium plating device specific ban.

  The battery directive

  The current implementation of the battery directive for the 91/157/EEC and extended98/101/EC, 2002/525/EC instruction.

  The provisions of this directive from January 1, 2000 onwards, the battery and thebattery to ban the sale of mercury content of more than 0.0005% (with the exception of button batteries mercury content of not more than 2%).

  The content of heavy metal exceeds a certain level (CD > 0.025%, Pb > 0.4%) battery or accumulator shall be marked with special symbols to indicate the need for a separate recovery.

  The European Union 93/86/EEC directive requirements for battery should be in thebattery labels, heavy metal content, mark may not be mixed with treatment of domestic garbage.

  The provisions of the EU directive 2002/525/EC, since January 1, 2006 shall not be sold for electric automobile metal containing cadmium battery. The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union to get through.

  In July 6, 2006 the new battery directive 2006/66/EC has won the EuropeanParliament and of the Council through, from September 26, 2008 onwards, the cadmium content of more than 0.002% of the battery will be banned from sale ineurope.